Makeup trends : The go-to contour


staff writer

Today, the contoured look is the go-to for many women.
From everyday college students to people like Kim Kardashian, even a natural makeup look is incomplete without perfectly chiseled cheeks, a bold highlighter and brows made for the gods.
Here is a great, affordable way you can achieve a naturally flawless look.
The products I use for my everyday contour look include a good moisturizer (try Cetaphil, $8.99 at Target), foundation (Maybelline FIT Me!, $5.99 at Target), concealer (Maybelline FIT Me!, $4.99 at Target), a highlighting powder (ELF Baked Highlighting Powder, $2.99 at Target), bronzer (Rimmel Natural Bronzer, $4.29 at Target), mascara (Physicians Formula, $9.39 at Walgreens), blush (Loreal True Match Blush, $10.99 at Target) and any lip gloss I have lying around.
So, how do you achieve the look?
First, begin by using a dime size of moisturizer and thoroughly massage it into your face. Next, turn your eyebrows into “WOW”-brows. Use a brush that is designed for eyebrows.
Apply a small amount of product to the brush and follow the line of your natural brows both on top and bottom.
The tail should be darker than the inside of the eyebrow.
Use a clean mascara wisp to spread the product from the tail in.
Use a bit of concealer on a small brush to clean up the bottom and top of the brow to give it a defined look.
Next, apply mascara to your top eyelashes.
After that, apply a dime size of foundation to a clean, damp beauty blender.
Dab it onto the cheeks, chin and nose and then use a patting-like motion to distribute it evenly to your face.
Make sure to blend downward into the neck and on the forehead. This will prevent the dreaded “two tone” look.
Now, you should apply concealer under your eyes in the shape of a “V” to the bridge of your nose and chin.
Use the beauty blender to pat this and blend it smoothly with the foundation. Be careful not to use circular motions here!
You can use a setting spray or powder if you want here. Allow it to sit for at least five minutes if you do so.
Next, I apply a small amount of blush to my cheeks to create a warm look.
Now, you can apply the bronzer.
Using a contour brush, use a small amount first and apply the bronzer in a downward motion from the 45-degree angle of the ear toward the middle of your cheeks. Use the brush to blend it but be careful to not apply too much bronzer.
Blend the powders softly with a blending brush so that no one color appears too harsh.
Finally, apply highlighter to the bridge of your nose, the cupid’s bow area of the lips, and, of course, to the cheeks.
Apply mascara to the bottom lashes, and use any lip gloss of your choice.
I use this quick and easy look when going to class, but I also use eyeshadow and lipstick with these techniques when I have a business meeting or date, too.

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