GU style sighting: Christmas sweaters



a&l editor
hen our generation was younger, opening a present on Christmas morning to find it wasn’t a toy but a scratchy, ugly Christmas sweater was the worst.
Now wearing ugly Christmas sweaters is the hottest holiday trend.
Whether it is for a club holiday gathering, the theme of the weekend’s frat parties or just for an everyday look, students across campus are embracing the gaudy Christmas style.
Sophomore mortuary science major Bailey Byrd is one student who loves the trend. “I like ugly Christmas sweaters because they are fun and goofy,” she said.
Leanne Casserlie, a sophomore physician assistant major, has a passion for Christmas sweaters.
“I started wearing Christmas sweaters each day of the month of December to help people get into the Christmas spirit,” she said.
“These sweaters lighten the mood of the hustle and bustle of this busy time of the year by reminding people to step back and smile for the holiday season.”
The popularity of these over- the-top sweaters has some people questioning if ugly Christmas sweaters are actually that ugly.
“I don’t think all Christmas sweaters are that ugly,” Byrd said. “Some of the modern ones are actually really cute.”
A number of urban stores geared to young trendy shoppers are selling a “cuter” version of the classic ugly sweaters by modifying the classic fair isle style.
Other general shopping places like Macy’s, JCPenney and even Walmart have jumped on the ugly sweater trend and are selling ugly sweaters, vests and T-shirts that have graphic designs that copy hand-knit sweater styles.
Gannon University’s own bookstore is even selling a line of university T-shirts and sweatshirts that mimic this look.
Although these refined versions of ugly sweaters are popular, some students prefer to keep things as ugly as possible.
“My philosophy is the uglier the sweater, the better,” Byrd said. “It gives me a good reason to go thrift shopping.”

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