‘American Horror Story’ disappoints: New seasons of FX show horrify viewers in a bad way

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In 2011, FX released the original horror anthology series “American Horror Story.”
Because the series is an anthology, each season is a separate “miniseries” and though the majority of the actors are the same, each season has different characters.
It has also been said that the series is very loosely inspired by real events throughout American history.
The first season of the show, “Murder House,” instantly drew in fans with its twisted plot line and the way it was able to always keep audiences on the edge of their seats.
The season takes place in 2011 and follows a small family that moves in to a California Victorian home, but as the family battles their own demons with each other, they soon find out the house has plenty of demons itself.
By the end of season one, fans were already eagerly awaiting season two.
When season two, “Asylum,” was released in 2012, it was definitely everything fans had been waiting for.
That season took place in 1964 in an asylum for the criminally insane.
It followed the story of the patients — many of whom felt they were wrongfully institutionalized — doctors who were using many patients for controversial sciences experiments and other corrupt staff members of the institution.
“Asylum” was a perfect mix of horror and mystery, and though it also had a few strange extraterrestrial elements mixed in, it worked and left fans just as hungry for a new season as “Murder House” did.
“Coven” was released in 2013 and took place in present day New Orleans. That season followed the story of a coven of young witches.
“Coven” was a pivotal point for “American Horror Story” because it introduced many new actors who not only brought a fresh new dynamic to the show, but also appeared in later seasons.
That season was far less “horror-ish” with less gore and blood, but more of a soap-opera vibe to it.
Because it followed a coven of female witches, the season was filled with drama and constant catty behavior between characters.
Although the season was a little different from the first two, it was still a hit with the ever-growing number of fans, and in true AHS fashion, left watchers waiting for more.
Season four was called “Freak Show” and took place in Florida in 1962. It was the story of a struggling freak show in a circus and followed the characters’ twisted lives and relationships.
The season was moderately entertaining compared with the previous three seasons, and was a letdown to fans who had been expecting something far better.
With a weak plotline, and many unlikable characters, “Freak Show” left audience members and fans hoping for a better and more exciting season five.
While definitely more shocking, season five, “Hotel,” was atrocious.
Many fans could not make it through the whole season due to its extremely explicit and violent content.
The plot line was a mess, but it attempted to follow characters who inhabited the haunted Hotel Cortez. Even dusted with vague remnants of “Murder House,” “Hotel” was absolutely not a season fans enjoyed, and many were not only disappointed, but outraged with some of the content present in the season.
The only saving grace “Hotel” managed to scrape together was a flawless performance by the queen herself, Lady Gaga.
Even though she may have been a murderous, deranged, nymphomaniac, Lady Gaga was without a doubt the glue that held the unfortunate season together and was the only thing that kept watchers and fans hanging on.
Many people thought that “American Horror Story” couldn’t get worse than “Hotel,” but with the recent release of season six titled “Roanoke,” fans were unfortunately proven wrong.
“Roanoke” is story of a couple being tormented and tortured by mysterious forces and people.
The show’s producers tried to mix it up and begin the season as a documentary-like TV show titled “My Roanoke Nightmare.”
This was not only confusing to fans, but also annoying. With the “reenactment” in the “documentary” it was difficult to understand what was supposed to be the real show and what was supposed to be the “show within the show.”
While not only confusing and annoying, season six has one of the most horrendous plot lines to ever make its unfortunate way onto a TV screen.
It is almost as if the plot line is nonexistent as every single episode is essentially the same thing, and the only action in the season consists of characters being violently murdered.
Season six is still on TV, but hopes of it getting any better have been lost by audience members, and many fans are still watching only to laugh at how absolutely awful it is.
What started out as a very engaging and exciting show that drew fans in with its original and puzzle-like plot lines has disappointingly gone to complete trash.
The majority of “American Horror Story” fans are hoping for a miracle-like turn around with season seven, but with how things have been going, they shouldn’t hold their breath.
If you would like to put yourself through the experience or if you need a good laugh, catch the rest of this season of “American Horror Story” Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. on FX until Nov 16.

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