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Sad songs for the autumn blues

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Autumn is a strange time. While half of us are breaking out our Ugg boots, ordering Pumpkin Spice Lattes and eagerly awaiting the oh-so-spooky and cozy weather of October through December, the other half of us are dreading the lack of sunlight and warmth and fall into feelings of sadness and loneliness.
Different people have different coping mechanisms, but one that always seems to work wonders is music.
For whatever reason, listening to particularly sad songs when you’re feeling particularly broken tends to make one feel a little bit better.
The following are nine songs to listen to when you need to embrace the emo side of yourself.

1. “This Is Gospel” – Panic! At the Disco
Panic! At the Disco is not necessarily known for its overly emotional songs but this one really hits you in “the feels.”
It is an upbeat tune about overcoming some sort of obstacle or force that is negatively impacting your life. It is a good song to listen to if you need a little pick-me-up, and is as motivating as it is beautiful.

2. “One Man Drinking Games” – Mayday Parade
This song off the band’s first EP is without a doubt one of the saddest songs ever written.
It describes a couple’s painful and unwanted, yet seemingly inevitable, separation.
With lyric lines like “we knew what time we had could be counted on our fingertips / that almost made you cry / let me hold you tightly as we say all our goodbyes,” this heart-wrenching track is sure to connect with anyone who has ever been in a less-than-perfect relationship situation.

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3. “Still” – The Japanese House
This up-and-coming British band only has one EP currently released, but sure knows how to write songs that tug on listeners’ emotions.
This standout track is slightly less lyrically emotional and far more musically emotional.
The almost euphoric sound present in this song is enough to evoke the “I’m crying but I don’t really know why” reaction some songs are powerful enough to bring out in people.
This is a good option for when you need to release negative emotions you’re not even sure you have.

4. “Is There Somewhere” – Halsey
To the great surprise of the general public, Halsey was around and making music before the song “Closer” came out a few months ago.

She currently has an EP and full studio album. Each song Halsey puts out flawlessly expresses something people can connect with.
In this song, Halsey’s haunting voice tells a story of an unrequited love, and the torturing experience it is to love someone who does not necessarily love you back in the same way.
This song is perfect for someone who is tirelessly pining over someone they just can’t have and will make you cry a solid 9/10 times.

5. “A Dustland Fairytale” – The Killers
The Killers are a band that has perfected the art of compacting an abundance of negative and painful emotions into an upbeat pop-punk song.
Brandon Flowers, lead singer of The Killers and writer of the song, stated that the song is about his parents.
The lyrics, when read alone, are very reminiscent of a sort of twisted love letter.
This is a good song to listen to on a mildly emo day when you want to feel something, but don’t necessarily want to completely break your heart.

6. “Sour Grapes” – John the Ghost
For whatever reason, the world has been lucky enough to have John O’Callaghan, frontman of Phoenix-based band, The Maine, release a “side project” EP filled to the brim with songs that bring out all kinds of emotions in listeners. The standout track of the EP is “Sour Grapes.”
This song is mainly about letting go of a negative past and becoming a better person.
O’Callaghan’s voice is beautifully haunting as he elegantly sings a song that is sure to resonate on some level with all who hear it.
7. “Isabel” – The Wombats
This slow and stripped song is a contrast to most of what The Wombats have released over their career. It is a bittersweet story of a what-might-be-toxic relationship.
It plays through different scenes of loving someone who isn’t the best for you but loving them anyway. With lines like “I’m much better when you’re ripping my life apart,” this song is sure to rip apart any listener’s heart.

8. “Youth” – Daughter
This almost completely acoustic track is a song all listeners can relate to. It is an anthem and ode to the “wild youth.”
Describing the painful obstacles we are sure to face as young people growing up, from heartbreak to self-destruction, this indie trio has created an exquisitely painful song that is perfect to listen to if you’re looking to be nostalgic and cry for an entire night.

9. “Dark Blue” – Jack’s Mannequin
It may be due to the perpetual gloomy days, or the way the cold seems to seep into your bones, but this time of the year can make a person feel very alone. This fast-pace, dance-alone-in-your-bedroom song reminds you that you aren’t. Give it a listen on the bad days when it feels like the world is crashing down around you.
Being sad is hard, but we are lucky enough to live in a world where we have access to so many creative outlets and coping tools. Use these songs to help, and never be afraid to embrace your emo-ness.

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