Indie band LANY plays Pittsburgh


staff writer

Although a long way from their respective homes, Los Angeles and New York, the up-and-coming alternative pop trio LANY left fans in awe and excitement after their stop in Pittsburgh on Friday.
The band is finishing the last leg of their “Kinda” tour, named after their most recent EP with the same title.
The set list features songs from all three of their five- to six-track EPs, including their most popular singles, “ILYSB,” “quit” and “WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS.”
After shivering, wet fans piled into what once was a chapel in Mr. Smalls Funhouse and waiting in the cold and rain for hours, the events of the night began.
The L.A. natives from the aspiring indie-electric band Transviolet took the stage and the crowd came to life.
The band members’ interactions with the concert attendees kept things lively during the short breaks between their colorful and whimsical set.
Their music was the perfect balance of energetic dance electric music and soulful, emo-esque tones.
A short intermission that allowed for minor set changes followed Transviolet’s performance and shortly after, LANY took the rather small, busy stage.
The scheduled set time for LANY to come out was 9 p.m., so naturally the crowd went wild when the screens lit up and music started playing.
However, the music that played, though familiar, was not what fans were expecting.
The boys of LANY made their appearance near the end of the “Star Spangled Banner,” then dove right into their 15-track set with full energy.
Frontman and lyricist Paul Klein was nothing short of amazing.
Bouncing between keyboard and guitar while maintaining vocals that the fans have come to know and love looked effortless to Klein.
A few songs into the set, Klein paused to take a moment to acknowledge his gratitude toward the crowd.
It was a sweet and intimate moment for the Pittsburgh fans while Klein talked about his newfound love for the Steel City.
He raved about the coffee shop the band had visited earlier in the afternoon and went on to tell about his experience in a vintage thrift store where he found his outfit for the evening.
Alongside him on stage were other band members Les Priest on backup vocals and synthesizers and Jake Goss on drums. Their love for performing shined through their every move.
After LANY ended the show with their fan favorite song, “ILYSB,” the dedicated fans who had waited all day in the cold and rain started piling out of the doors of Mr. Smalls Theater into the streets of Millvale.
People began filing into Ubers, taxis and their parents’ vehicles after a fun-filled evening with one of their favorite bands.
Those fans who didn’t immediately leave, however, were surprised with a small meet and greet with the beloved, handsome front man: Klein.
Fans of LANY know that it is not uncommon for Klein to hang around and get the chance to say hi to his devoted fans. Those fans who waited the half hour to meet Klein were overcome with joy and nervousness as the L.A. boy stepped out into the crowd.
Taking pictures, signing autographs on hats, tickets, vinyls, etc., and talking to fans is something that makes Klein and LANY stand out by having personal connections with fans.
All in all, the evening was filled with love and happiness and best of all, LANY music. Next time you get the opportunity to see your favorite band, whether they are headlining a huge arena tour or a small hole-in-the-wall kind of venue, I highly suggest going to support them.
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