Indian Student Association celebrates Navratri at Recreation Center



The Gannon University Indian Student Association held a celebration on Oct. 8 at the Recreation and Wellness Center, which consisted of a night of dancing, music and food on the occasion of Navratri. Over 300 members of the Gannon community attended.
The event was made possible by Faculty Advisor Udai Singh, Ph.D., Campus Events Tech Director Sam Hyman, Assistant Directors of Global Support and Student Engagement Susan Huff and Barbara Zarnick, and Director of Global Support and Student Engagement Carol Knoble.
“People danced from 7:15 till 11 p.m.,” Singh said.
The next event to be held by the Indian Student Association will be the celebration of Diwali on Nov. 2 at the Knight Club. The Association also plans to hold events for Sankranti in January and a movie night in February.

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