Name: Molly Cooke

Major: Theatre and communication arts

Year: Sophomore

Position: Programming Director

What do you go by on air?
Molly (And occasionally by the inside joke “Dark Rage”).

How many years have you been with WERG?
This is the beginning of my second year.

Why did you join?
I was initially suggested to join the station from the past programming director, since we went to high school together. I stayed after going on air for MC Gensheimer’s Presentational Strategies class.

Favorite band?
Florence + the Machine

Do you have any catch phrases or segments you do every week?
I get teased by my partner. Otherwise, my show is rather random.

If you could go to any concert (literally ever) who would you see?
If I could see an American artist it would be Maroon 5 or P!nk. I am really into the Korean band Super Junior, so it’s a big dream to see them in concert (even if I don’t speak Korean).

What’s your favorite thing about being at the station?
Honestly, the people are the reason I’m a part of the station. It started with my friend from high school, and I then got to know the people involved at the station, and I really enjoy their company. Getting to work with such lovely classmates and to learn from Chet have been the best part of this experience.

Current Event: What do you think of the new Beyer Hall?
I haven’t actually been in the new Beyer Hall since the construction was over. I probably should swing by sometime soon.