Student art showcased at Schuster Gallery

The Schuster Art Gallery plans to celebrate Gannon students’ artistic work with an Art Reception on Friday.
Concluding the fifth annual Gannon student art show, “The World Around Us,” the Schuster Gallery will open all artwork for a celebratory reception for the public.
Students are welcome to enjoy food from around the world while admiring their peers’ creative talents.
In March Gannon students were asked to submit pieces of artwork. Anything from sculptures, photos, music and writing pieces were accepted. The Gallery received 30 submissions this year and is excited to showcase the students’ work.
The reception gives young artists the opportunity to showcase their work and gain feedback from their friends and fellow classmates, as well as the chance to win a first-, second- and third-place cash prize up to $100.
In addition to viewing artwork and eating delicious new food from around the world, attendees will be able to participate with interactive art pieces.
The Gallery’s goal is to engage visitors by helping to create a new piece of artwork blended with this year’s theme of “The World Around Us.”
Different from past years, the Gallery has given one of Gannon’s own University Event Planning class the opportunity to plan the reception and get the word out about the event in a bigger and better way than in past years.
The Schuster Gallery Art Reception will be held from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Friday at the gallery’s location on the first floor of the Center for Communication and the Arts at 700 Peach St.

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