ALUMKNIGHTS: Why you should attend Graduation Celebration with Alumni


As a recent graduate, I can attest that the Graduation Celebration with Alumni is a valuable experience for seniors, graduate students and alumni. Gannon alumni are eager to help students reach their career ambitions.

I attended this event last year as a senior and witnessed several students exchange contact information with alumni while receiving resume and interview assistance. Some were given the opportunity to interview for jobs.

The networking that takes place during the event is casual and relaxed. Refreshments are served as a way to practice a real life networking scenario. I remember seeing groups of students and alumni laughing, talking about their fields of study and just sharing stories about their personal lives.

Although networking is a major benefit of this event, students can gain insight to what it is like to live in the regions where most of our alumni thrive.  Students can expect to learn about different career options related specifically to their major from alumni in their corresponding field.

Alumni will also share stories that their major is not limited to the jobs that are listed online or expected in their field of study. Students may learn about a career opportunity that they never imagined they could fulfill due to their background.

As for the alumni, they are able to see how their alma mater is preparing young adults for their careers while sharing their occupational experiences with these students. The alumni that attend this event are invested in the university and want to help the students succeed.

The networking aspects and career information shared during this event are invaluable; the alumni are more than happy to aid the students with their job search, graduate school ambitions or for their next step post-graduation.

If you are a senior or graduate student take advantage of this pinnacle opportunity to jumpstart your career and put your Gannon education to practice.

Join me and several alumni at the Graduation Celebration with Alumni, Friday, March 11 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the lobby of Old Main. To register visit

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