Vice President of Finance


Kendra Walker

freshman, management & finance dual major

Why are you running for Vice President of Finance?

I am running for Vice President of Finance because I am a finance major and I also love organizing things. I feel that VP of Finance is a good fit for me because I love organizing spreadsheets and dealing with money, and I feel as though organization is key for any organization to go any further and to grow. It’s basically the treasurer position for SGA for people who aren’t familiar with it, and what I will do as treasurer is I will help allocate club funding and make sure everyone is on track and on a budget. I’ll also be in charge of the finance committee. I am just really excited because I really like being treasurer. I just think that stuff is so cool. And I really think it will help me grow as a person and help me really understand if this is the path I want to go in my life, even though it isn’t really related to finance technically, but what I want to do with finance it is a good skill to have.

What are your goals if you were elected as the Vice President of Finance?

My goals as VP of Finance are I really want to try and get everything more digital. In the past when I was in high school, everything that I was the treasurer of I made Excel documents that were permanent to the computer and you could like change them. I really just want to make sure we are organized and everything flows well, and I just want to make sure there is a good infrastructure. Which they already are doing a wonderful job at – it is all totally there – I just want to take it a step further. You know, always improving.

What have you accomplished during your time on campus/in SGA?

I mean there aren’t really any specific accomplishments I guess, that a lot of people would notice. I mean I try to volunteer as much as I can – I have sat in on extra committees, whenever other people can’t make it I go in sometimes. I really try to just give my all to the organization because I know that we are serving the students, and I really want us to get more involved. Because we are the voice of the people, students don’t realize how much power they have. So, I really want to empower the individual so as a whole we can grow.

Why should the students vote for you?

I feel like students should vote for me because I am really passionate about this. I don’t do anything 100 percent; I go the extra mile all the time because once I am invested in something I believe in it. Like I am a student at Gannon so I am invested in my community here and I care about all of us and joining SGA I really want to give it and I have been giving it everything I can. I feel as though this organization has a lot to offer people and I am really excited. Hopefully if I get the position on the board, I really want to try and help grow even more, not just as an individual but as a student.

Is there anything you’d like students to know about you?

I mean if there is anything I would like them to know about me it’s just that I care about them. If they have any ideas, even though I am the VP of Finance, you know SGA is a group thing. I really want them to know that SGA is there and it’s not as scary as you think it is, I mean it’s not that far off and it’s a good experience and it really helps you become a better person. I don’t think I would be nearly as confident or involved as I am as a freshman had I not joined SGA. I became aware of so many different clubs and organizations and really how our school runs, which is really important I think for everyone to be familiar with because there are things that you just really need to experience rather than just read on a piece of paper. I mean, that is really it. I am in the Honor’s Program, so that’s a good experience too, but really I just care about everyone and I am really organized, actually I really like organization. I thrive off of it. For reals though, I am not just saying that, I am really excited about this position and I just want them to know that.


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