Europe offers cheap travel


You know what’s great about studying abroad? Europe. You know what is great about Europe? Student-wallet friendly travel.

This past weekend, a friend and I went to a tiny Irish fishing village, Doolin, stayed in a bed and breakfast, went out to eat — and possibly drink — Friday and Saturday night, and saw the Cliffs of Mother. All for under €200.

While the Cliffs were as amazing as the pictures promise — and also terrifying; the Irish don’t do handrails — the reasonable price makes it easy to travel.

These kinds of prices extend outside of Ireland and into the airline companies.

I have only traveled within Ireland thus far, but as I begin to plan trips for later in the semester the prices keep shocking me. A flight to Rome? €92. A flight to London? €33 and only 30 minutes. Ryanair is an Europe-based airline company with some amazing deals that really open up the world.

While studying abroad does have an abundance of amazing experiences, the ability to see the world certainly tops the lists.

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