Panic! at the Disco releases “Victorious”

Panic! at the Disco releases Victorious

In January of 2016 Panic! At the Disco will release its fifth studio album titled “Death of a Bachelor.”

So far, they have released four songs from this album already: “Death of Bachelor,” “Emperor’s New Clothes,” “Hallelujah” and “Victorious.”

Last week they released the music video for “Victorious” and it is every bit as epic as the song itself.

“Victorious” is the third song from “Death of a Bachelor” that Panic! at the Disco has released.

“Victorious” is an upbeat and empowering alternative rock song that aims to inspire whoever listens to it to “Turn up the Crazy” and be victorious.

The video opens with Brendon Urie warming up for a boxing match.

Looking determined and wearing black shorts and boxing gloves, Urie wins the match against a boxer much bigger than himself.

The video then cuts to Urie sitting on his couch. He holds a breakup letter from his girlfriend “Kate” and becomes very emotional as he looks at a picture of the two of them and reads her posts on social media.

Urie goes to call her, but restrains himself. He is then presented with a check for $1 million in honor of his achievement of not calling his ex-girlfriend.

Confetti falls and scantily clad women open bottles of champagne in celebration.

Suddenly, the scene changes and Urie is helping an elderly woman cross the street.

Urie watches the crosswalk timer count down as he and the woman barely make it to the other side as it reaches zero.

Out of nowhere Urie is given the key to the city, more confetti falls and more champagne is popped by women in bikinis.

My favorite part of the video is the dodgeball scene.

Urie is dressed in typical gym attire as he faces off against five guys who are all much bigger than himself in a game of dodgeball.

Despite his enthusiasm in his attempt at throwing a ball, Urie is quickly bombarded by a volley of dodgeballs in a comedic way.

Even though he lost the game, an attractive girl he met at the bar in another scene helps him up and takes him home.

There are a couple more scenes, but they follow the same theme.

In all of these scenes Urie faces a challenge or a common part of life each and every one of us faces on a daily basis.

After he overcomes each of these obstacles, he celebrates as if he had just won the Super Bowl — or some other major event.

The message of the video is an inspiring and important one. You should treat everything you are doing as important as a big boxing match.

Just because you aren’t a sports star or a celebrity doesn’t mean you aren’t important and doesn’t mean your achievements should be overlooked.

“Victorious” is the third song from Panic! at the Disco’s new album that releases Jan. 15, 2016.