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This month if you have the time, you should consider seeing, “The Little Mermaid,” at the Erie Playhouse. If you want to see an overall fantastic production put on by a group of amazing and dedicated actors, then look no further because the Erie Playhouse has what you need.

In the Disney movie, a young mermaid named Ariel grows tired of living in the sea. Ariel happens to be the daughter of King Triton, the ruler of Atlantica, who has commanded that it is strictly forbidden to go anywhere near the surface and to have any interaction with humans.

Eventually, Triton finds Ariel’s cove of human treasures that she has been collecting and promptly blows everything up, including a statue of the handsome prince she had saved. This drives Ariel to make a deal with Ursula, a powerful sea witch.

In exchange for becoming a human, Ariel must give up her beautiful voice. However, if Ariel does not receive a true love’s kiss within three days of her transformation, her soul will belong to Ursula.

If you have seen the Disney movie, then you know what to expect from the musical. Zak Westfall, a senior theatre and communication arts major, said the musical is very similar to the movie so the audience will be able to identify with all the characters.

Westfall will play Flotsam in the production, a henchman and spy to the evil Ursula, and he is proud to say that this is his third show with the Erie Playhouse.

“I love it there [The Erie Playhouse] everyone says it is like a family and it really is,” Westfall said.

While the musical is similar to the movie, there are still some differences. The musical has quite a few more songs than its Disney counterpart by joining classics like “Part of Your World,”  and songs such as “Human Stuff,” and “I Want the Good Times Back.”

All of the characters first introduced in the movie are back, but their personalities and relationships with each other are expanded.

“You root for Ursula quite a bit,” Westfall said. “They bring out the relationship between her and Ariel’s parents more.

“It is family friendly; it has spectacle, it’s deep and emotional and just a well-rounded show. The entire cast works so well together and with the costumes and the set, it’s so cohesive, it’s wonderful.”

Showings of “The Little Mermaid,” will begin at 7:30 p.m. Sept. 16-19, 24-26 and at 2 p.m. Sept. 19-20 and 26-27.

To buy tickets online or to find information and show times for upcoming productions at the Erie playhouse go to www.erie playhouse.org.





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