VWLS continues to impress crowd


With summer coming to a close, venues across Erie have been hosting a multitude of concerts and shows to celebrate one last time and further support the local music scene. For those not of the drinking age, it can be difficult to find shows that are open to all ages.

On Aug. 31, Erie Ale Works hosted a show for all ages, the lineup being Tarantella Blue, Bat House and VWLS. Bat House hails from Boston and brought their laid-back, indie rock with full force to the show.

Not having been familiar with them before that night, the opportunity to listen to their “Ghosts” EP for the week after the show only increased my appreciation for their music’s unique push and pull. Each song has the ability to create a thrust of energy and then counter with an enticing enchantment.

Although the performances by Tarantella Blue and Bat House were enjoyable, the show-stealer was local band VWLS. Band members Todd Paropacic, Luis Pontillo, Alik Kujkowski, Dominic Ferrare and James Quirk brought forth a performance that not only satisfied current fans, but created new ones as well.

Being their first show at Erie Ale Works, certain challenges presented themselves. Paropacic, a senior theatre and communication arts major at Gannon, commented, “This was the first time [VWLS] performed at Erie Ale Works and I liked the closeness of the space. Everyone was on the same level, but there were definitely challenges with the [volume].”

Pontillo, a Gannon alumnus, said, “The space is real industrial and makes you feel like you’re playing in a huge warehouse.” The small brewery was packed to the gills with people of many generations, all there to bathe in the smooth, collected sound of VWLS.

Opening with the shadowy effervescence of “Plastic Shaman,” VWLS moved through their set with the ease and distinction of experienced musicians.

From the mesmerizing intrigue contained within “Lelo”’s pulsating guitar lines and skilled drumming to the relaxed vibe encased in “Falling Down”’s alternative push and the obsession-worthy melody and harmonies of “Puppet,” VWLS produced a show well worth seeing.

“It’s crazy to think it has almost been a year [as a band],” Pontillo said “Things have moved so quickly for us. We never would have expected to headline shows in such a short amount of time. It definitely caught us by surprise.”

With almost a year under their belt, VWLS has proven to the city of Erie that they are worthy and more than capable of breaking into a larger music scene.“Our ultimate goal is to turn music into a career,” Pontillo said,  “It’s really difficult to do, especially when there is so much music out there. [But] you never know when the right person will be listening.”

VWLS will be performing next at Sherlock’s on State Street on Oct. 24, and will be co-headlining the Halloween show with Falling Hollywood at the King’s Rook Club.

For more information, you can visit the band’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/vwlspa or contact them at [email protected] To get a taste of their music, visit their Sound Cloud page at www.soundcloud.com/vwls-music-1.



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