Gannon paints ‘Golden Knight’ mural for Nash Library


Anyone who is a part of the Gannon University community knows the influence the Golden Knight has. While it may sometimes seem the “knight” pun is used and abused all too often, our mascot’s prevalence is a symbol of school pride and spirit.

It is only fitting then to incorporate the image of the Golden Knight into a mural that is to be displayed in the Nash Library. The unique quality of this mural is not only its origin but its recreation as well. The original piece of artwork, “The Golden Knight” by famous painter Gustav Klimt, was finished in 1903, but is being recreated in pieces by Gannon faculty, staff and students and will be assembled and displayed in the library’s basement.

“It’s pretty consistent with the image of our mascot,” said Todd Paropacic, a senior theatre and communication arts major. “I think it looks awesome.”

The painting of the mural began in February and is set to be revealed this month. The project has been led by Lee Steadman, a local artist and husband of Lori Steadman, director of Gannon’s Schuster Gallery. Lee Steadman is the director of Bloom Collaborative in Erie and has incorporated 24 years as an artist, arts educator and environmentalist to create a dynamic set of programs and places that encourage growth, creativity and learning.

Meghan Cunha, a senior communication arts major, helped paint the mural. “I thought it was awesome that as students we got to not only help create it, but give input on design as well,” she said.

“We’re getting to replicate a famous work of art and add our own individual style.”

The mural project was driven to be a unique arts experience, where anyone with an interest in art or in helping beautify Gannon through art had a chance to be a part of it. With a piece of art that is over a century old, Victor E. Knight has brought himself as well as history into the world of Gannon pride.



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