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Gannon community struck with coronavirus

Apr 20 • 1741 Views • No Comments on Gannon community struck with coronavirus

Two members of the Gannon University community who tested positive for COVID-19 are reported to have recovered and are in good health, a university spokesman said...

Second Harvest

Second Harvest provides food security amid COVID-19 crisis

While COVID-19 has shuttered businesses across the state, nonprofit relief organizations are as busy as ever. As the only food bank in...

Apr 11 • 1253 Views


Gannon announces credit, work-study assistance

Gannon University announced in an email Wednesday that it has begun the process of distributing nonrefundable credits to student accounts....

Apr 6 • 894 Views


Commencement moved to Homecoming Weekend

Gannon announced Tuesday that commencement, originally scheduled for May 9, will now take place Oct. 4 in conjunction with Homecoming...

Apr 3 • 1353 Views

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Students and faculty in a Zoom chat with Mike Nunes.

Gannon alumnus Mike Nunes talks television as an industry insider

Apr 24 • 890 Views • No Comments on Gannon alumnus Mike Nunes talks television as an industry insider

Mike Nunes fondly recalls his time at Gannon University as a communication arts major, saying Gannon gave him a large-scale education with a variety of different skills...

Gannon's international students gathered for a day of ice skating before the global pandemic.

International students face challenges with campus closure

A woman draped in an electric orange turtleneck practically glows against the sea of turquoise chairs left empty,...

Apr 3 • 819 Views


CHESS Day goes virtual amid COVID-19 outbreak

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, campus closure and switch to remote learning, Gannon University’s inaugural CHESS Day...

Apr 1 • 795 Views


Students voice concerns about campus closing

In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, students and faculty alike are charting new territory by working remotely....

Mar 18 • 1086 Views


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Time at home leads to overeating

Apr 19 • 585 Views • No Comments on Time at home leads to overeating

Gone are the carefree days of just getting out a pack of ramen and cooking it for only myself. Well, that’s not entirely true, but for the most part since I have been...


Netflix’s miniseries ‘Unorthodox’ is a triumph

Inspired by Deborah Feldman’s memoir, ‘Unorthodox’ tells the story of Esty, a young woman chafing against the confines of her...

Apr 19 • 1502 Views

Self Made 2

Netflix’s “Self Made” falls flat

Netflix’s four-part miniseries based on the life of Madam C.J. Walker, which premiered March 20, had the potential to be outstanding. The...

Apr 5 • 864 Views


Quarantine Movie Club: ‘Contagion’ offers clarity in uncertain times

Given that all the movie theaters in the United States are closed for the time being, streaming services are seeming to become more...

Mar 31 • 728 Views

Sports Sports

Eligibility of Gannon’s student athletes under NCAA extension

Apr 3 • 823 Views • No Comments on Eligibility of Gannon’s student athletes under NCAA extension

The NCAA’s decision to extend student-athletes’ eligibility has brought up a lot of questions. Who will be on scholarship if they accept the extra year? How many...

Student athletes receive option for extra year of eligibility

In a tumultuous turn of events related to the COVID-19 outbreak, the NCAA has granted student-athletes an extra year...

Mar 27 • 989 Views

Farewell to Gannon sports

Well folks, the end is here. The coronavirus has struck the world and NCAA canceled every sporting event. As a fan, I...

Mar 18 • 1021 Views

brent benedict 2

COVID-19 stops Gannon sports: seasons canceled

In a whirlwind of events, the COVID-19 storm of cancellations struck the NCAA sports world. Every single NCAA Division...

Mar 18 • 796 Views