Experiencing summer with no movie theaters

Benjamin Haylett, Arts & Leisure Editor

August 19, 2020

It has been a strange period of time to be a movie lover. For the most part, aside from the occasional new release on Netflix, there has been zero new movies put out in theaters the entire summer season. Many of the highly...

Pride Month Advocacy and Resources

Chloe Forbes, Editor-in-Chief

June 29, 2020

As Pride Month comes to an end, continue to stay informed and be an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. A statement made by the Gannon community called “Sexuality as God’s Gift and Our Response to Gay and Lesbian Student Conc...

Movie poster mock-ups on display in Schuster Gallery

September 11, 2019

Attention all shower-singers, vacuum-wielding dancers and secret stars: you may never make it to the big screen, but you sure can live vicariously with the aid of digital graphics. Schuster Gallery currently has a plethora of...

Memory of childhood movie theater lingers

March 18, 2015

Every true movie lover has a favorite movie theater; mine happens to be the Bayshore 8. When I was going into sixth grade, I moved to Cape May, N.J. I had moved a lot before that, so I was used to it. That being said,...

Violent film shows traumas of war

October 29, 2014

The film begins with fighting and killing in Africa. It ends with fighting and killing in Germany. “Fury” has been to hell and back. Filled with brown uniforms, gray skies and muddy roads, this film is blood, horror and...

Special effects lead to box office smash

September 17, 2014

“Guardians of the Galaxy” led the charts as a summer blockbuster, unopposed. The initial trailers for the film created high expectations to live up to: not only was it a Marvel movie, but it was completely unrelated to...

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