Stress Less Week offers activities before finals

Molly Begeman, Staff Writer April 13, 2022

For students, stress right before finals week is common -- trying to remember everything one has learned throughout the semester, fighting against little sleep to try and get all the information remembered...

Commemorating Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Anna Malesiewski, Features Editor April 13, 2022

The month of April marks nationally recognized Sexual Assault Awareness Month – meant to highlight a prevalent issue that individuals face not just in the Gannon University community, but in the local,...

The state of the world -- a global pandemic, national and international unrest -- has exacerbated many young adults’ fear, anxiety and mental health issues. Although the pandemic seems to be subsiding, many are still feeling its effects.

Anxiety increases among college students

Anna Malesiewski, Features Editor April 6, 2022

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the mood at many colleges and universities has been strained. As it is finally and slowly seeming like the pandemic days are becoming a thing of the past, students...

 Tim Edwards, a sophomore freshwater and marine biology and mathematics major, will be spending eight weeks at Texas State University to study algebra, combinatorics and statistics.

Students to participate in summer program

April 6, 2022

After finals week, many students decide to go back home, work, travel, catch up with old friends or just relax after a stressful year. But some students decide to continue learning and challenging themselves. This...

March is the annually declared month that highlights the female experience and celebrates the contributions of past and present women. Because of these women, women today are afforded opportunities and freedoms they might not have otherwise.

Celebrating Women’s History Month

Anna Malesiewski, Features Editor March 30, 2022

March, which is Women’s History Month, is a time to reflect on the female experience, and pay tribute to the courage of the women of past generations and to celebrate how their bravery afforded women...

Hope is oftentimes the thing that people hold onto during difficult times. Many college-aged people struggle to find hope -- especially amid a global pandemic, political uncertainties and the everyday pressures of life as a young adult and stressors of college.

Art piece and event to reflect on hope

Anna Malesiewski, Features Editor March 23, 2022

In challenging times, people need something to hold onto. Oftentimes, hope is that thing – the thing that keeps them going, the thing that keeps them from giving up and the thing that gives life meaning. Amid...

In 2016, Stephani Klassen started her first pop-up crepe shop. In April 2019, Give a Crepe found a permanent home in the Hilltop District on Peach Street, a far cry from the original crepe cart.

Pop-up shop appears at Gannon

Madeline Bruce, Editor-in-Chief March 23, 2022

In 2016, Stephani Klassen set out to prove her mentor wrong. He previously told her that the people of Erie don’t like crepes, and because there wasn’t an unmet need in the area, a crepe restaurant...

Jacob Herrit was influential in both life and death, according to friends and family. Herrit passed away on March 14, 2021. Many grieve his loss, while still remembering fondly the times they shared, saying he was full of joy, laughter and optimism.

Students reflect on the legacy of a peer

Anna Malesiewski, Features Editor March 16, 2022

In both life and death, Jacob Herrit changed the culture of the Gannon University community.  Herrit’s friends and family attest that he brought joy and light to every space he entered. In death,...

Students prepare for graduation

Students prepare for graduation

Molly Begeman, Staff Writer March 16, 2022

With graduation right around the corner, seniors are finishing up their last semester at Gannon University as well as finalizing plans upon receiving their degrees.  To aid in this big change and the...

In response to discussion facilitated by the CHESS Speaker Series, a group of students and faculty set out to help Gannon and Erie meet the need for accessible, multilingual signage. This begins by recognizing the many global students on Gannon’s campus.

Students and staff call for multilingual signage

Madeline Bruce, Editor-in-Chief March 9, 2022

Walking across Gannon University, it’s hard to miss the signs denoting the buildings and landmarks that make up the campus. The names of buildings are emblazoned across the sides of them – Waldron...

Despite their small number on campus, Black students said that Gannon does a great job at making them feel welcome. However, there are still many challenges for Black students at Gannon.

Students discuss the Black experience

Ali Smith, Arts & Leisure Editor March 9, 2022

February was Black History Month, and although black culture and history are crucial to the integrity and history of the United States, the celebration of it and its people is often placed into the confines...

 President Joe Biden is losing favorability and approval -- especially among college-aged people. Many are dissatisified with Biden’s performance and are disheartened about the state of the nation under him, signified by an approval rating below 50%.

Biden’s approval rate is plummeting

Anna Malesiewski, Features Editor February 23, 2022

Many of America’s young adults are unhappy and discouraged with the state of the nation – with the majority believing America’s democracy is in trouble. President Joe Biden’s approval rating is...

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