End is near for Gannon semester

With Easter break coming up soon for Gannon students, it’s important to remember to relax. But also take heed and realize how little we have left in the semester.

Spring semester always seems to fly by with both spring and Easter breaks being so close together.

So while it’s important to take time for yourself over break, it’s also time to get your act together, if you haven’t done so already.

In about a week, all of us will get to enjoy a small vacation from going to class. Chances are though, your professors may give you more work to do now that you have this free time. And if they don’t you may have a big test or a paper due that you haven’t thought about yet.

Even if you don’t want to do schoolwork while you’re on break, especially if you have a job, try to map out what you have due before the end of the semester. It may be more than you think.

Don’t let this overwhelm you. That won’t benefit you at all; it will only stress you out. Make a calendar of when everything is due and try to map out time to work on each specific assignment/study for a test.

Lastly, make sure you stick to the plan you make. It’s easy to procrastinate, especially when you suffer from senioritis, but don’t do it.

Unfortunately circumstances come up when you least expect it, or you procrastinate. When this happens, just recreate a schedule with time mapped out when you can feasibly work on each assignment or study. If you hold yourself accountable when you do inevitably succumb to senioritis, you’re much less likely to keep procrastinating.

Enjoy your Easter break, and good luck with the rest of your semester.