Some perception of millennials askew

The younger generations oftentimes have a negative reputation for being so “connected.”

It’s probably safe to say that almost every millennial at some point has gotten flack for always being on the Internet or on their phone. A little bit of antagonism from older generations isn’t always a terrible thing, but it can get pretty irritating when people try to demean millennials for it.

Does our generation have a small obsession with social media and the Interent? Probably. Do we always use them for the most scholarly purposes? Probably not, but that is no excuse to demoralize us.

Every generation has its strong and its weak points. People can, and do, criticize the baby boomer generation for ruining the economy, but how often do you hear people saying that to their grandparents?

The best way for people to stop criticizing each generation is to understand the kind of world each person was raised in. Millennials came into a world where people from earlier generations couldn’t afford to retire at the average age, therefore they are still working.

Because of this, people below them on the ladder cannot move up. When people don’t move up, positions at the entry level aren’t available, but college graduates still need jobs. If there isn’t anything available in their field, they are forced to take a part-time job in retail or food service. If they’re going to be able to afford loans six months after graduation, most people move back in with their parents.

With this trend, young people are labeled as “lazy” and “entitled,” when really circumstances are more difficult than they were for previous generations.

Hopefully, you understand more of what young people go through, but if you don’t, try talking to those “kids these days.”