Turn hobbies into your priorities

This is the time of the semester where it may seem like all you ever work on is school and it never ends.

Schoolwork should rank high on your list of priorities, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you ever worry about. While we all probably enjoy the major we study in one way or another, chances are what you study isn’t your only area of interest.

As you progress through your schooling, it seems that your workload grows and the amount of free time you have shrinks.

While you may have had spare time to keep up with your favorite television series as a freshman, you might struggle with that as a sophomore, junior or senior.

Naturally, responsibilities increase the longer you’re in college or the more involved you become with a club or organization.

While responsibilities come with everyday life, you shouldn’t let your responsibilities consume you.

Never forget about the things you genuinely enjoy doing, not for a career or for a leadership position, but just for the fun of it.

Read, paint, watch a movie, cook something new, play a round of kickball with some friends, learn how to play the ukulele; just do whatever you need to do to relax, let loose and have fun.

When we get to college, a lot of people will say that they enjoy this and that, but they don’t have time now that they’re in school, which is unfortunate and really quite depressing.

I’m not saying that we need to change the way colleges are run, but I think students need to be able to block out some time to do things they enjoy and make it a priority.

If nothing else, it will help us get through each semester, day by day.