Ailment affects future graduates

Now that we’re all back from fall break, Gannon University’s fall semester is officially more than half-way completed. This means graduation is quickly approaching for those receiving their diploma in December.

Many of you are probably sick of hearing about you have to be an adult in a couple of months, so we’ll spare you that lecture, but don’t let yourself slip into “senioritis” just because you have less than six weeks left until graduation.

It can be a difficult thing to resist. You’re almost done with your time as a student. Your mind may be in the future when you start a job, travel the world, have a wild and crazy graduation party, beat your score on Flappy Bird or whatever you plan on doing once you’re done with your cap and gown.

Even though you may be there metaphysically, physically, you are still here and you still have about a half of a semester’s worth of work to complete before you can conquer Flappy Bird… or your new job.

A common tend in our generation is to put something off until the last minute or not worry about something until it is staring at you in the face. The only thing senioritis will do is prevent you from being prepared at that point.

In the meantime, if you find yourself struggling with senioritis or fear of what lies post-graduation, visit the Student Success Center, located on the first floor of the Palumbo Academic Center, and they will be able to give you some practical help with whatever problem you may be facing.

No matter what the rest of your career at Gannon may throw at you, don’t let senioritis get the best of you.