Student safety is highest priority

One of the biggest concerns that Gannon University expresses in regards to students is safety.

Recently, a couple of rumors have been spreading around campus about students ending up in the hospital due to alcohol poisoning. As you may know, rumors have the occasional tendency to exaggerate the truth, but if they’re partly true, something needs to be said.

Living on campus is a good chance for students to explore their freedoms and have more responsibility.

Chances are, students will drink regardless of the legal drinking age, but if you’re going to drink at any age, please PLEASE be safe and be responsible.

Binge-drinking is a popular part of American culture, especially around our age, but if you’re going to be drinking, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind.

Know your limits. If you start feeling dizzy and think that you’re going to vomit soon, it’s time to stop.  Whether you have finished your drink or it’s still mostly full, it doesn’t matter. Give it to someone else.

Keep an eye on your drink. Men and women alike can be drugged and if it’s your drink, you could end up passed out anywhere.

Lastly, do not go out by yourself! Make sure you know at least one person when you go out somewhere and that you don’t walk home by yourself.

Your own safety should be your No. 1 priority.