This month, be more than aware

October begins Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which may mean more than just the fountains in Perry Square and Morosky turning pink.

During this century, our society has heard a lot about breast cancer awareness and has seen pink ribbons almost everywhere. By now, many people might think every month of every year is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

No doubt, we’re all pretty aware of breast cancer, but do any of us know much about breast cancer?

This month, everyone on Gannon’s campus should strive not only to be aware, but to know a little more about breast cancer.

Many informative events will be going on throughout Gannon’s campus as well as the Erie community; wearing pink isn’t the only way you can become involved in the awareness month.

Even reading a Wikipedia article about it will probably give you a bit more knowledge about the subject. If for no other reason, learn about it so that you can be aware of the signs of it and know how to check for it.

Something that many of you may not know is that breast cancer can affect men as well as women. Cases of it are extremely rare, but there are still cases.

So check out some of the tables in the Waldron Campus Center this month, search some facts after you see a pink fountain or maybe even donate to research if you feel inclined.

But please, make yourself aware of the information.