A streetcat named A.J.

If you’ve been hanging around anywhere near A.J.’s Way or Waldron Campus Center, you’ve probably seen a black cat wandering about.

Just so we’re clear, this isn’t the lost cat that you might have seen fliers for around campus. The lost cat has white paws and a white belly. This cat’s fur runs black all the way through

It has been spotted all throughout campus, but when someone gets close to it, it runs away. No one has been able to catch it yet. Despite this, the people at the Waldron front desk have been leaving out food so that it doesn’t have to starve/hunt for its own food.

Also, some have decided to nickname it A.J., because of its consistent hangout spot – guess it’s better than a cat named Waldron.

The cat bears no collar, so we can assume either it has been a stray cat for a while now, but it hasn’t tried to attack anyone, so it’s a nice stray. Currently, the Marketing & Communications department is trying to catch it so that it can give the cat to a good home where it can stay inside during the winter.

For those of you who haven’t met Erie’s winter, at times it can be unbearable to stay out for four minutes, let alone four months.

So what’s our best advice? Leave it alone for now. Gannon is doing what it can to try to save the cat from the streets, so until it has found its new home, just let it do its own thing.