Registering for senior year brings back past experiences

Registering for my senior classes felt very weird. My time as a college and Gannon student is winding down. Even if it’s a little scary, I’m very ready to go out into the world and be on my own.

I recently saw a picture from my freshman orientation day and it all came back to me. I remember driving down to Gannon with my parents and being nervous. When I arrived here, it all seemed so confusing; the buildings seemed to be 10 blocks apart and nothing made any sense. I had no idea what Waldron or Zurn was and no idea how to get from one building to the next.

I remember getting into groups on Friendship Green and doing icebreakers. I felt so out of place and weird; I didn’t know anyone and I’m not the type of person to act silly around people I barely know.

Seeing that picture though, made a lot of memories and emotions come back to me. I still remember the first day of classes and wandering around Palumbo like a lost puppy dog. It was a relief when I walked into College Composition and saw someone I have known since kindergarten and went to high school with; she helped me feel less alone.

I remember meeting the people I would become the closest with and still am; it’s fun to recall all the crazy things that happened between freshman year and almost-senior year and think how lucky I am to have friends who have stuck around.

I remember questioning what I really wanted to do with my life and changing my major. It was a relief when I found what I wanted to do and I’ve had great experiences and opportunities to help me grow.

I think registering for senior year has me feeling many different emotions. First, I am excited because I enjoy working and am ready to go make my mark in the world. I know it’s going to be challenging at first, but that’s how things in life are. College was a challenge at first and that turned out great.

I know this will sound cheesy, but I have had amazing experiences at Gannon. The faculty and people I’ve been fortunate to work with have helped guide and shape me, not only in academics but in life issues as well. That’s more than I could ever ask for. Gannon has given me the skills to go out and face the world.

But with anything else in life, there are always nerves. It’s going to be scary and nerve-racking to finally be an adult (whatever that is) and be on my own. I know I’ll always have my family to fall back on, but responsibilities are totally and completely on myself.

I still have one more year to grow and learn, but I couldn’t be more ready for it. Gannon has become a home away from home.

I’ve met amazing friends here that I know will last a lifetime and mentors who have influenced me more than they will ever know.

While I will miss Gannon when I eventually leave, I want to have a great senior year and remember that I’ll always have a home here.




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