Times recognizes efforts of The Knight

It’s probably a running joke on campus that nobody reads The Gannon Knight.

Nobody really says it to our faces – except those who feel overly confident sometimes – but we know it. Sometimes, we even participate in it – and realize it may not even be a “joke.”

Recently, however, our efforts at The Knight have been recognized. Unsurprisingly, not by the student body, but by a more “official” source – The Erie Times-News.

Four editors at The Gannon Knight, in addition to a few staff writers, recently won several awards at Gannon University’s English Award Nights.

Our editors and writers won in every category, starting from news and ending with opinion editorials and photos, to what amounted to 13 awards, judged by journalists of the Erie Times-News.

That may come as a surprise to you – The Gannon Knight is far from perfect, and we’d be the first to say there’s a lot of room for improvement.

But it’s not a surprise to us, because the amount of work we put into it merits some kind of tangible appreciation – one we don’t receive from the student body.

The newspaper is a serious publication that does consume a significant chunk of our time. Each week the paper comes out, at least six people have sacrificed more than 10 hours of their time to make it happen.

And while the hours sometimes pass slowly and painfully, the feeling we get once we see our work published in the newspaper is one short of words to explain.

As you’re looking for clubs and organizations to join next year, come knock on the friendly door of The Gannon Knight.

The hours are long, but the rewards (not only during the award night) make up for them. Plus, it’s a chance to form tight bonds with people who are sure to become your best friends.