Senior Salute offers grads comfort, insight

Another generation of Gannon University students was forced to face the reality of its leaving on March 19.

On that day, senior students flocked into the Waldron Campus Center and made their way to the Yehl Ballroom, where Senior Salute took place throughout the day.

Students met with representatives from various departments in the university like Alumni Services, Career Development and Employment Services, the bookstore and Graduate Admissions.

Students also had the option of taking graduation photos and ordering personalized announcements.

Other departments and services were also provided at the event, but for students, the highlight of the whole day was the moment they laid hands on their caps and gowns.

That moment sums up the papers, projects, clinicals and late nights all students underwent. The realization that once these two garments are worn, then all the moments spent on campus have gone, never to come by again.

But for seniors, that isn’t even the scary part. It’s, in fact, the understanding that once they walk across the stage to accept the cover of their diploma, then a whole chapter of their lives is over and it’s time to look out for new adventures.

Whether these include going to grad school, joining the workforce or spending a year in Europe, the uncertainty of any of these decisions looms over graduates.

All these emotions, and many more, manifest themselves in that split second students receive their graduation clothing.

Senior Salute provided students with the necessary channels to pursue any future option. It also brought the reality of their short, numbered days at Gannon that much closer.