Visit from family members shakes up usual weekend

Sometimes, we need to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and just have a really fabulous, fun weekend. Lucky for me, this past Saturday and Sunday were my “escape” weekend.

Last weekend, I had some very special guests come down and visit me. My mom and sister came down for a girls’ weekend.

They drove down from good ol’ Buffalo, N.Y., Friday and stayed until Sunday. Over the course of the weekend, we shopped, embraced our Italian heritage at Serafini’s, watched “Frozen” and “Saving Mr. Banks,” ate a lot of yummy snacks, talked for hours and made each other laugh. It was a perfect weekend.

Typically, Friday afternoons are when I hit up Peach Street for groceries and either browsing or shopping. I usually spend my Saturday afternoons lounging around, switching between homework, YouTube videos and Netflix. While it isn’t so bad sometimes because it allows me to space out all my upcoming work that’s due (I’m not good at saving all my work until Sunday night and cramming), it was nice to spend a weekend a little differently, especially some quality time with my family.

Because family, to me, has and always will be my everything. I can honestly say without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today or the person I am.

Even though my sister and I are four years apart, that really never affected us. We were fortunate to get along for the most part our entire lives. Likewise, we are both equally as close to my mom and dad.

I was lucky enough to spend my Christmas vacation in Walt Disney World not only with my parents and sister, but also my aunt, uncle and two cousins, whom I am very close with as well. While it wasn’t the typical way we usually spend the holidays, it was probably one of the best vacations in my whole life.

I think it’s important for us to break out of our habits and routines occasionally. Believe me, I’m all about routines as well; they keep me sane and organized. But this past weekend was liberating and like a cool, spring breeze (something us northerners still didn’t experience; seriously the first day of spring was on March 20).

However, when days begin to drag on and start to bore you, change it up. That’s what I did this weekend and it was spectacular.

Not only did I get to spend it with two people I love very much, it wasn’t typically how I spend my weekends. Although I didn’t go sky diving or do something crazy, it was the perfect way to spend my weekend.

While we are creatures of habit, sometimes we have to leave the habit behind and be a little adventurous. It keeps life vivacious and spicy, and who doesn’t love that?

As the new season of spring (hopefully) approaches, I encourage everyone to shake things up a little. Throw your schedule out the window for a day and get out and enjoy life the way you want to.



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