Coffee on campus will help keep students awake

There are two things that keep most college students awake when they need to be: naps and coffee.

Sure, plenty of people in college opt not to drink this caffeinated beverage of the gods, but there are quite a bit of students who do enjoy it.

When I say enjoy, I mean depend on. Most of the people I know are very busy and have a pretty full plate, so they either drink coffee, energy drinks or something that will keep them awake.

I bring this up because this week, North Hall was giving out free samples of coffee to the residents to see if there would be any interest in changing the C-Store into a small coffee shop.

Whether that will happen will all depend on whether funds are available, but it got me thinking about how almost every building on Gannon’s campus could benefit from having some sort of coffee shop.

It wouldn’t even have to be something that’s incredibly fancy, but if all of the residence halls, the library and the academic buildings had a coffee shop, it could not only make a good chunk of money, it would be really beneficial to the students.

More specifically, Nash Library should have one that’s open during all library hours – and if no one from Metz is willing to work for the entire time, I’m sure a student work study would be able to. Students go to the library for the purpose of studying and sometimes they need something to help keep them awake and on track.

I know whenever I’m up all night studying for a test or working on a project, I almost always either have a cup of coffee or am making one.

Even if it wouldn’t be feasible to get a coffee shop into the residence halls, there should definitely be one in the library.

I only suggest that all of the other residence halls have this too because often times during the colder months – the majority of the school year – people either won’t want to leave their apartment or they won’t think it’s safe to.

It would definitely be a good investment. Plenty of students drink coffee and having it readily available would be very convenient.

It would save a walk to Starbucks or a drive to the grocery store on a fairly cold day.

It’s almost the end of the semester, and if every student isn’t feeling exhausted yet, they will be soon.

So we all either need to get eight hours of sleep each night or we need to find a way to stay awake to make sure we know everything and get all of our work done.

Sure, most of the students here are fully capable of brewing their own coffee at home, but sometimes if you’re sitting in the library studying for six hours, you don’t want to make the trip back to Kenilworth in a blizzard and back to the library.




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