Candidates mimick Washington electees

This might not be an Obama vs. Romney presidential race, but it is one of the utmost importance to the student body. If for nothing else, then for its effect on students’ everyday lives.

Whoever is the next president of the Student Government Association will not only be representing him/herself in front of faculty, staff and administrators, but will also be representing you in matters of your concern.

The “presidential race” for next year, in fact, bears close resemblance to Washington presidential races, albeit with less complexities.

Taking a closer look at the candidates, we realize that each of them, in fact, has something a  Washington candidate might. Of our three candidates, one is new to SGA but brings in a new approach, another is also new but has military experience and the last is experienced in the world of  university politics.

This could be an episode of “Scandal.”

But it’s not.

Michael Haas does not have previous SGA experience, but he is no stranger to politics on campus with his previous dealings with SGA and other clubs and organizations. He comes in with a fresh eye and a new perspective.

Cristiana Sibley, too, is new to Gannon’s SGA. But she has dealt with real-life politics through her internship at Sen. Bob Casey’s office. She also comes from a military background as an ROTC cadet.

Taylor Shaffer has, on the other hand, worked her way up through SGA starting as a freshman class representative in 2011 to becoming treasurer in 2012 and 2013. She knows how the system works.

All three candidates have plans for next year’s SGA, and their plans might just be the thing to solve problems on campus.

When you vote, know that your vote counts. Who you’re voting for is a reflection of yourself.