Surviving midterms not as simple as you’d think

It’s the week before spring break, known to some as midterms week, also known to others as Hell.

Now I know some of you may be saying that that’s actually the name for finals week, but let me argue my position as to why the week of midterms has the potential to be worse.

On top of finding time to study for the midterms that you have to take, classes are still in session, so if everyone’s taking about a median of 15 credits, that’s about 15 hours less you have to study for these midterms, plus all of the responsibilities you have outside of class.

Normally during finals week, all of the responsibilities you have to all of your extracurricular activities are pretty much done. Now, you’re still planning for all of the other events and such that you have to accomplish by the end of the semester.

So, again I say, we are in the middle of what some might call Hell.

But on the plus side, we’re about half way through it.

So as I was saying, most of us are really stressed out because on top of class, homework and extracurricular activities that you worry about during a normal work week, we have a few exams to add on top of that.

Most people are really stressed out, unless they don’t have midterms until after break. But that’s a whole different can of worms.

So you’ve got classes to go to, you have meetings to attend, things to do outside of meetings, homework to finish and somewhere in between all of this you’re supposed to find time to study for exams?

That’s not to mention eating, sleeping, having some form of human interaction, doing laundry and cleaning your apartment so you don’t leave it a mess before you go home.

Most of the time, some of these things that most people would consider a necessity end up getting pushed to the side so you can make time to study and get a good grade on your test.

But then you have to pick which things to cut out, which seems a lot easier than it actually is.

If you decide not to eat and sleep, your body won’t be functioning at full capacity so you can be focused on the test. If you don’t talk to people, you won’t have anyone to help you out when you have your eventual panic attack.

If you don’t do your laundry, you may end up having to buy more underwear or socks, which eats up more time. Lastly, if you don’t clean your apartment, chances are, you’ll probably make at least one of your roommates angry.

It’ll probably be the last one left in the apartment who has to clean everything else.

Needless to say, there isn’t an easy answer in this scenario.

So what do you do? Ultimately, you’ll probably just compromise either your study time or your sleep time, which will probably give you a lower grade on the test.

But hey, at least you have clean socks.

Whatever you decide to give up this week, just know that there is no simple way to survive. But the good thing is that you still have a half of a semester to bring your grade up.


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