Superbowl commercials trigger mixed feelings

I watched Sunday’s Super Bowl and paid attention to everything but the football being played.

Overall, the commercials could have been grouped into four categories—comical, emotional, containing nothing special or somehow involving puppies.

To me, the highlight of the commercials was the unexpected Super Bowl ad mini-series sprinkled through the game. It was amazing. That fella had the time of his life and I adored it. Beats delivered a similarly upbeat spot. I’m also still laughing at Ellen DeGeneres breaking it down in a room full of wolves. The modern day spin on a Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks combo was certainly entertaining.

Other commercials left me with a bundle of other feelings. Some moved me.

The much-discussed Coca-Cola advertisement spread some American pride by celebrating its people and reminding us that America is in fact beautiful. Axe put out a powerful message with its Make Love Not War campaign. It was unexpected, but moving.

Chevy committed to Super Bowl ads this year. Tuesday is World Cancer Day. Chevy took a beautiful opportunity to recognize that journey. The crowd is going wild, the vibe is incredible and Bank of America is donating money to the (RED) charity efforts. Now that’s inspiring.

I expected to be similarly stirred by the Mesrati commercial, but it didn’t deliver.  When I heard that little girl recite those words of triumph and pride, I expected to be inspired, moved to tears. I waited for some life-changing product to come across my screen – instead, a Maserati shows up. The commercial was heartwarming and powerful, up until the brand was revealed. I don’t think the tone matched the promotion.

Another Chevy commercial? We get it: men, animals, rugged voice-over – bravado. What else ya got? The Doritos commercial, on the other hand, delivered a cute message about the brand’s cheesy snack time chip. Even if time travel is a little silly, it fit the message.

Other commercials, however, left me reeling in confusion. Does anyone know what shattered prom dreams have to do with tax returns? I didn’t put those two pieces together. Turbo Tax lost me on that one.

Well, this new “Apocalypse” series looks just as promising as the last 78,000. It blended in with the rest of its competitors; its title didn’t even stand out. I doubt I’ll be tuning in.

The actual football-to-commercial ratio was outstanding. Even advertising is beating the Broncos.

Cheerios boldly featured a biracial couple explaining to their daughter that she was going to be a big sister. She negotiated a puppy out of the deal. Puppies are also winning this Super Bowl.

I don’t know what Squarespace is, but it captured the Internet perfectly. I’d like to see that concept develop.

Budweiser famously tugged at our heartstrings, but the commercial didn’t make me crave a beer; instead I just wanted to adopt a puppy. Either way, it was well-done.

Overall, there was a definite theme of American spirit throughout the event. Coca-Cola’s America is Beautiful campaign proudly celebrated our country. Even Bruno Mars included a segment of our troops overseas, dedicating his performance to loved ones. Then the lighting was patriotic themed. I found that to be quite interesting.

I laughed, I cried – I didn’t check the score.


Ashley Buzzell

[email protected]