Connor’s Corner

It is a common occurrence for individuals who work out regularly to dread the wave of people making short-lived New Year’s resolutions to invade their space at the gym, but reconstruction of the Carneval Athletic Pavilion has done a fairly decent job thinning the herd.

The Athletic Pavilion was designed to serve the physical needs of Gannon University students and athletes, but I believe the facility has fallen short of fulfilling its duty during this period of reconstruction.

The suspended 8-foot rubberized running track above the gymnasium serves as a crow’s nest to watch students crammed into a one basketball court wide area below, scurrying about like bees swarming around their hive.

I understand that the facility is undergoing a major renovation process, but Gannon has to do more to accommodate its students. I personally know students who complain about the provided workout space being too crowded and small.

Chris Greco, a junior marketing major, said he feels that he cannot get back into his routine of working out with the current situation at the Athletic Pavilion.

“I’ve been disappointed with every attempt of working out at the Rec this semester,” Greco said. “It’s overcrowded and the equipment I need for my routine is hardly available when I need it.”

In a time when the rate of obesity is growing, it is important to exercise frequently to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Gannon’s lack of space and availability of equipment is turning away students who want to start leading a healthier lifestyle.

Kerry O’Connor, a sophomore biology major, said she was overjoyed to hear that Gannon was remodeling its workout facilities, but added that she wasn’t as thrilled to learn about the workout situation in the meantime.

“The current gym is so compact and has no air flow,” O’Connor said, “the air quality is equal to that of a construction zone, which it is.

“I personally do not use that gym anymore and have talked to my parents about joining Planet Fitness until it’s finished.”
Contrary to popular belief, some students prefer the new workout situation. Corey Fitzgerald, a sophomore sport and exercise science major and a member of the wrestling team, said there are benefits to the current setup.

“It’s more convenient for the time being,” Fitzgerald said. “All the equipment is in the same place instead of having to go to each different room.”

It is easy for a student who is in great physical shape to work out at the gym because they are confident in their routine and ability, but for a student trying to change unhealthy habits, the Athletic Pavilion is a not a preferred space.

I personally don’t enjoy the feeling of someone judging me, and I have talked with Gannon students who share my sentiment. The previous design of the Athletic Pavilion divided the equipment into groupings, which were set up in different rooms and areas – allowing for more privacy.

The current design of the Pavilion brings everyone and all the equipment to one area, and forces students to display their work ethic in front of their peers. Jose Matos, a senior sport and exercise major and a work study employee at the Carneval Athletic Pavilion, said that Gannon officials did the best they could with what they had available.

“The equipment is in a smaller area, but everything that was available before is still available in [the gymnasium workout area].”

Gannon has provided the same equipment, but the university has to do more to appease its students. The workout setup could be made to cover two basketball courts with hanging dividers to increase privacy.

This proposal would take away space available to play basketball and possibly hinder an individual’s ability to compete in intermural sports, but the workout facility is used by more students more frequently.

Gannon also needs to put more fans and ventilation in place for students working out in the gymnasium to offer a healthy environment to grow as athletes or to attain a healthier lifestyle for themselves.



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