Winter hibernation offers little value

In 6-degree weather, wishing you were a bear may not be the creaziest idea that occured to you.

A big layer of fur to keep you warm and the ability to stay asleep for months at a time without anyone judging you all seem like magical attributes that are sure to make people happier and more at ease on earth.

Not having much to be responsible for, except surviving, is also a major pro of being a bear in Erie.

Unfortunately, Gannon University is no zoo. And bear-transformation dreams are just that, dreams.

In this weather, however, hibernation and staying inside may seem like the best course of action. No one would really blame you if you do choose to go that route –  at least not openly.

And while winter seems to have lasted for years, it won’t be too long before the warm sun makes its way to Erie.

As you’re planning out your day, week or month, hold on to that ray of sunshine that is bound to enlighten Erie.

Going outside in this weather may certainly seem like a bad idea, but staying in might even be a worse one.

Staying in a semi-vegetative state at home watching television doesn’t help the semester go any faster or make winter go away.

Make the start of this new semester something memorable. You don’t want to waste valuable weeks or months while you could fill them with college memories that may never come back.

Despite the below-freezing temperatures dear Erie presents us with, classes resume as normal. Attend these and instead, save your absences for spring break, if you do plan on not going to class – and we’re not saying you should. Go to events and APB movies, you’ll get some of that homey feeling in an entertaining group setting.