Give your winter style sparkle

It’s time to sparkle. Snowflakes aren’t the only thing that should glisten and shine.

Winter is the perfect season for sparkles.

The best colors to add sparkles to are those that could use some jazzing up. I don’t suggest wearing diamonds with fluorescent orange, though it would be seasonably appropriate.

Instead, wear them with blush, baby blue or black. Gold sparkles go with blush, silver goes with baby blue and any kind of sparkles you like can go on black.

The best ways to sparkle are with glitter, sequins and gems. The easiest way to add a little shimmer to your wardrobe is with glitter-woven fabrics. I’m picturing a gold, glitter wool skirt with cream cable knit tights and high brown leather boots.

Offset the bottom with a cream color sweater and an eye-catching necklace on top.

If you’d like just the right amount of shimmer, look for a black sequin top.

It’s more muted than white or pink sequins, but with a leather jacket over the top, dark-wash jeans and black boots, you’ll still attract a healthy amount of attention.

Wearing gems on your clothes can take out the guess work in finding jewelry.

I’m not telling you to go and bedazzle your jeans, but shirts with intricately designed collars can do the work for you.

No wasted time looking through your jewelry collection to find the perfect match.

However, if you do have the time to indulge in some jewelry perusing, here are some tips for primo sparkling.

You’ve got to have balance. Studs, an 18-inch necklace and a bracelet are the essentials.

So, if you’ve got an armful of bangle bling, take it easy on the earrings and necklace.

An open neckline or solid top is the perfect opportunity for a statement necklace. Pick a necklace that gives that area personality.

Brooches are not just for old ladies.

A little sparkle on your scarf or outerwear can perfect your outfit.



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