End of semester workload looms

Do you find yourself barely awake while simultaneously being barely rested, too? Are you complaining to your friends more than usual?

Are you spending more time creating a to-do list (a physical or a mental one) than the time it would take you to get a small task checked off?

Have no fear; these are nothing but the usual symptoms for end-of-the-semester syndrome. Actually, scratch that – be very afraid.

It’s that time of the year when every day seems like a Monday and an eight-hour sleep is nothing but a dream three weeks away from manifesting into reality.

It’s the time of the year to get things done, not because you want to, but because you know you have nowhere to run and they have to be finished.

It may seem like the workload of the entire semester multiplied and unwelcomingly invited itself into your life, mind and every aspect of your existence.

But let’s keep things in perspective: we’ve worked so hard for three months already and three more weeks shouldn’t break us.

And if the promise of a good grade and an end to the semester isn’t enough of an incentive to stay strong and rally on, then the promise of more than three weeks of winter break should do the trick.

If none of these help get you on your feet, or even if they do, several groups on campus hold finals week stress-freeing sessions for the stressed and calm alike.

Running around like a headless chicken is probably inevitable as the semester comes to an end, but the chicken may find its head if it knew where it needed to go.

Set your goals for the next three weeks and draw and follow the map – full of obstacles –  to them.