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Holiday season lasts from Turkey Day to New Year’s

I feel obliged to have a column detailing in some way my fascination and utter glee that the holiday season is among us. For me, the holiday season starts the day after Halloween and ends the day after New Years’. And I love every bit of it.

Besides my birthday, which falls on Aug. 2, in case you were wondering, Christmas is the second best day of the year. And all the days leading up to it aren’t half bad either.

Ever since Nov. 1, I have been officially in holiday mode. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Thanksgiving and it’s the first stop on our seasonal extravaganza. It’s like the appetizer before the real meal comes out.

Between the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, eating copious amounts of mashed potatoes and seeing my family, it really doesn’t get much better than that.

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The day after Thanksgiving is special as well because that’s the day my family decorates for Christmas and it’s time to break out the garland, ornaments and holiday music. After that’s all done, we have from then until essentially New Year’s to enjoy the decorations.

I also enjoy this time leading up to Christmas for several reasons. First, the old, Claymation movies that ABC Family still shows, particularly “A Year Without A Santa Claus,” are incredibly delightful. I love driving around and looking at the neighborhood houses, decked out in lights.

And lastly, I love gift shopping for my family and friends. It really is a great feeling when you find the perfect present for someone that you almost cannot wait to give it to him or her.

When Christmas finally rolls around, I act like I am 7 years old again and I love it. I again see my family and we exchange gifts and eat raviolis; it’s magical.

Now I understand that many people find the holidays a stressful and bothersome time. The constant Christmas music bugs them, the extensive lines at stores makes their blood boil and the general anxiety of making sure the holidays are perfect turn many people into Scrooges.

But I think the holidays are an extremely special time. In my experience at least, the Christmas season makes people just a tad bit happier. While hectic, this time of year is also filled with happiness and love.

And as cheesy as that sounds, I really believe it. It’s the one time when people seem to put their cell phones away and enjoy each other’s company. The outside world goes away when opening up gifts or sitting down for Christmas dinner.

As much as I love to give and receive presents, my love for this time of year goes way beyond that. I get to spend time with my loved ones, not worry about school or work for a while and just bask in family time. And nothing beats that.

So this year, really take time to appreciate the decorations, your mom’s home-cooked meals and the time you spend with the people you care about most. Enjoy the holidays and embrace the yuletide. And don’t forget the milk and cookies.



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