First snowfall marks beginning of winter

Erie’s first snowfall visited the city Monday night.

It’s a normal occurance in Erie, for snow to fall around this time of the year. Some might even say it’s late.

As snow falls on the ground, several obstacles also present themselves to Gannon students.

If an 8 a.m. class wasn’t enough to keep students tucked in, snow on the ground sure might.

Underwear would not be the only clothing item that determines the frequency of laundry – socks now play a huge part in the equation.

As winter is slowly making its way in Erie, several students are still not ready for what it has to bring.

Don’t let winter take you by surprise. If your mother is buying you that cozy coat for Christmas, ask for it a bit earlier – it would still be a Christmas present; you would just receive it a bit early.

And just in time to escape bronchitis.

If your winter wardrobe is still tucked in in a container stored under your bed, it’s time to break it open. Hug those scarves tight and make sure you’re not missing your second glove.

It’s also time to learn how the heat in your room works.

Erie has never been known for kind winters, and you should prepare all the ammunition you have to weather the weather.

Staying in bed won’t stop the snow from falling, or classes from happening.

Actually, nothing – absolutely no weather condition – can stop classes from continuing on Gannon. Maybe a tornado, but there is no guarantee even then.

Falling a couple of times in the snow at the beginning of the winter is probably inevitable. Don’t fight it. Laugh it off, because chances are, people are watching.

Brace yourselves Gannonites, winter is coming.