No leisure time leads to minor breakdowns

What the heck is leisure?
I ask myself this question five – maybe six – days out of the seven days in a week.
I make it a point to at least give myself Friday off from everything, but even that’s hard to do.
This is my venting column.
It’s junior year and things are finally getting real.
They – almost everyone – say that college years are supposed to be the most fun, but how is it even possible when professors are throwing three tests at you in one week, two papers – which you barely talked about – an article that is based on at least three interviews and Tuesday production nights?
I’m not saying I don’t go out and enjoy myself on the weekends or occasionally on a weekday, but I have to work extra hard the next day to make up for it.
I’m sure most college students can relate to this feeling.
Sometimes I just sit there and stare at my planner and I find myself getting overwhelmed without even starting any school work.
I sit on the ground with a laptop, a few books, my notebook full of notes and an abundant amount of papers, hoping that all my work will magically get done on its own.
But this isn’t “Harry Potter” and in college, you earn what you put into your work.
I remember in high school, I would get projects and papers done early because I had that much leisure time.
Now, I’m lucky enough to get a paper done two days before its due. I generally plan my days one at a time.
If something in public relations is due Monday and my story for feature writing is due Tuesday, of course I’m going to do public relations Sunday and worry about my story on Monday.
The true question here is, what exactly is leisure time?
I’m guessing it may feel like I have little leisure time because I waste most of it on useless social networks and watching abysmal reality television – if nothing else is on.
It would be great if everyone didn’t define themselves by work. Leisure and work should somewhat balance each other out, especially in the lives of particularly busy people.
I don’t know about everyone else, but sometimes I feel trapped in this busy life with no way out.
I think if you don’t find leisure time in your week you will get to the “burnt out” stage where you have a minor breakdown.
Instead of planning what I’m going to get done homework-wise, I need to also plan for leisure.
I guess this is growing up.
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