Advising Day offers room for change

While some students might disagree, Advising Day has more to it than Advising Day Eve.

Sure, staying up late with friends and going to gatherings and parties are great ways to spend the evening – no one can say no to a little chance of buffering up any time during the semester.

But not too much advising is happening there.

The long tradition at Gannon, and at many other schools, was meant to provide students with a chance to see where they stand, regardless of their year in college.

Freshmen and sophomores plan out the course of the next two or three years of their lives, setting a goal to graduate with a certain GPA.

Maybe the major you’ve chosen isn’t exactly what you thought it would be. The day offers students the chance to talk to advisors about such life-changing decisions.

Juniors and seniors have a bit of a harder task to achieve.

On the most rudementary level, they need to know which classes to take in order to graduate on time. Many classes are offered once every year or every other year, which could be a deterrent for graduating on time.

But it goes further than that. It’s time to examine the ever-changing and competitive job market.

What may have been required knowledge in a certain profession three years ago might have changed.

Advising Day gives students the opportunity to add classes that would help them stand out among applicants for certain jobs. These classes might not necessarily be included in the curriculum. It’s time to use the electives wisely.

Wherever you are in college, Advising Day has more to it than gatherings and scheduling classes – it’s the time to know where we want to go from here on.