Little campus elves bring campus to life

Day-to-day events, aside from tests or events conducted by Gannon University’s faculty and staff, don’t just happen magically on campus.

Of course, faculty and staff contributions to the day-to-day life at Gannon are indispensable.

That being said, more than 120 clubs and organizations make up Gannon’s campus.  Add to that three student-run media outlets, students are never short of things to do – and in fact, have no excuse to be idle.

Take the time to stop and look around you. Recognize that fictional elves don’t coordinate campus activities. A multitude of people – or real-life elves – work every day to make things happen and this campus a better place.

For example, listen to Gannon and Erie’s own rock alternative radio station, 90.5 WERG-FM, as you walk down AJ’s Way.

The radio station streams content 24-hours a day, requiring the dedicated work of more than 30 staff members.

Think about The Gannon Knight, the 16-page campus newspaper, that doesn’t fail to come out every week, despite being manned by nine people only.

Consider the work done by non-media organizations on campus, too, like CRS Ambassadors, Gannon’s SAVE group and several other clubs and groups on campus, which work relentlessly to raise awareness about certain social and campus-related issues.

These organizations produce excellent poducts and accomplish their goals, but they could always use help.

If you’re a student looking to become more active on campus, you should consider joining one of these organizations.

Taking part in a student-led organization gives meaning to college years, which may otherwise be spent carelessly, not gaining any real-life skills.