Greek life demonstrates clear value on Gannon’s campus


In the 1987 film, “Wall Street,” the notorious character Gordon Gekko announced to the world that “Greed is good.” The quote was controversial, uncompromising and ultimately made the argument for something that many Americans felt was outrageously bad – pure self-interest.

Today, I feel that we need a similar argument to be made on campus. Like Gekko, I’ll try and make this as simple as possible.

Greek (life) is good.

Hear me out: while only a small percentage of students are active participants in social Greek organizations on campus, those students often account for a large plurality of students in key leadership roles on campus. Take, for example, SGA: of the 34 members who currently make up the executive board and general assembly, 18 of them are involved in Greek life (including SGA President Luke King). That’s a 53 percent participation rate, including eight Greek organizations out of 12 being represented.

Now, in the nature of full disclosure, I should mention one thing: I’m not involved in Greek life. I write this because those in Greek organizations (and those skeptical of them) should know that there are normal students out there in the Gannon community that support members of the Greek life and want the best for them.

I’ve had the pleasure to interact with some of these groups, and they comprise some of the warmest and most ambitious students on campus – something some non-Greeks could learn. Within my first week on campus, the now current president of Pi Kappa Alpha personally welcomed me to campus. While this is one example, there are plenty of others that deserve recognition (I only get 500 words for this column, and couldn’t possibly fit examples from every organization).

Yet, take the time to talk with a few of these students, and you’ll quickly realize how much paperwork goes behind each and every event they hold. Regardless of the red tape, Greek organizations continue to put on the best events and showcase what it truly means to be a “Gannon Knight.”

Consider Homecoming – the spirit and dedication of these groups were unparalleled Saturday during the parade and for one brief shining moment, these students got the recognition they deserved. All too often, these organizations struggle with fighting off the red tape in order to hold events – yet, they still provide some of the highest caliber activities on campus.

To those of you still judgmental of these organizations: let’s cut the crap, the biases and the stereotypes – these organizations are the backbone of campus and work diligently every single day to make sure that Gannon is a better place.

They prove to us that “Greek is good” and that every young man and woman should strongly consider joining one of these underappreciated organizations.




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