Break offers comfort for now and later


You may be thinking that we have a bit more than two months before finals week, but you would be somewhat wrong. Discounting weekends, fall break, Advising Day and Thanksgiving break – a total of 29 days – as of Wednesday, we are only 37 days away from the end of the semester.

That’s a bit over a month.

Being in a private Catholic university certainly has its advantages. Students never complain about having too many breaks – we do basically have one every month.

A recent study have shown, 20-somethings tend to put things off until the last minute. Our minds are programmed to think we still have a time.

An example the study has given is when a professor tells students they have three extra weeks to work on an assignment, they don’t think to use the time in actually working on the assignment. It goes more among the lines of “Sweet. I now have three extra weeks to put it off.”

As fall break approaches, almost every student is thinking about all the studying that needs to be accomplished during the break. And if midterms already took place before the break – depending on the professor – then really, not much studying goes on at all.

Everyone is looking forward to break, and who wouldn’t? Even professors are, even if they still have to work – they are fortunate not to deal with students for a few days.

The perfect way to enjoy break is to sit on the couch at home, eat pumpkin-flavored everythings and watch TV. But then come Sunday, and everyone is wondering where the time went and how late they are in completing tasks.

Enjoy the break for five days, but also let it help you enjoy the rest of the semester, at least until Thanksgiving break, with a little less work to worry about.