Digital presence calls for improvements

Gannon University has undergone a lot of changes recently; some good and others not as good.

Take, for instance, the university’s portal. While the site is often credited as a source of infinite information from administrators, the user interface is complicated and often leaves students with more questions than answers.

Yet, despite the lack of focus the university places on updating the system – we’re sure they’re busy conducting more pressing business – virtually every single student has some sort of business to conduct in the outdated and archaic site on a daily basis.

The website contains much valuable information for its students, yet there is still room for improvement. For example, if students wants to know what time an event is, they’ll probably be forced to jump between the portal and EngageU twenty or more times before finding the required information.

However, not all is bleak. As Pope Francis joins Twitter to evangelize Catholic tradition on the Internet, so does Gannon on social media – proving that the recent advances in communication are not lost on the traditionally bureaucratic hierarchy of higher education.

The university has also updated its website to a resoundingly appealing responsive design. Looking as good on a mobile phone as it does on a desktop, the site showcases the creativity and ingenuity of the campus’s administrators. With the exception of the “sunburst” Gannon logo, the detailed attention to design is truly apparent.

Similarly, the university’s recent addition of a virtual tour on the site ( makes for an exciting and interactive companion to the main website. Again, the responsive design and interactive features demonstrate that Gannon could be a leader in technology – if it chose to be.

Hopefully the university administrators recognize the potential and worth of updating the portal. Not only would this improve students’ lives, but the faculty’s as well.