Knight Vision

Recently, tragedy struck Washington, D.C., when 12 people died after a gunman had fired at them at D.C.’s Navy Yard, before getting shot himself Monday morning.
News outlets have been buzzing with the incident’s details since Monday morning, but vital questions still remain unanswered.
Many pieces of information are missing and vague. These include the most obvious ones, like how did an armed person manage to get access to one of the most secure facilities in the country? And what was his motive behind this sudden act of terror.
At times like these, people start examining and questioning their own security in their respective surroundings and communities.
When tragedy strikes, we all turn to those around us for comfort and help.
In truth, we need to also help ourselves.
After crisis hits, anywhere really, people tend to put up their guards, become more aware of their surroundings and safety.
It doesn’t take long, however, for them to let that guard down again, especially when the buzz about unfortunate incidents dies down.
In Erie, however, we know better than to let our guards down. Students have a justified sense of safety, thanks to Gannon’s Police and Safety and the close proximity of the Erie Police station from Gannon buildings.
That does not mean, however, that people – students in particular – should walk around with their eyes closed.
Several students and residents of Erie have unfortunately been victims of acts of violince and crime around the city.
And while some might be hard to prevent, a lot can be avoided with one simple act.
Paying attention.
Being vigilant and alert while walking the city streets at night is not being paranoid, but is in fact your recipe to being safe.
Wherever you are, however close your destination is, keep you head up, eyes open and be safe.