How to annoy floormates and aggravate people

I don’t understand the pleasure people get in being obnoxiously loud when living Gannon housing.
I remember the first year I moved here when I lived in North Hall. Even though the walls were the exact opposite of sound proof – in fact I think they might have had amplified sound – I had less problems with people being obnoxious then than I have as an upper classman now.
The worst complaint I have about the people who lived above me was that it always sounded as if a basketball game was going on in their room with the stomping. That doesn’t even compare to what I’ve had to put up with since moving out of freshman housing.
Last year, I lived in Crispo Hall, that piece of land behind The Knight Club that is pretty much rubble now. Well while it was standing, some of the most obnoxious people in the entire world lived in the room above mine.
Not a day went by when I didn’t hear either screaming, stomping, fighting or beds squeaking. I had about a half a mind to go upstairs and kindly tell them to cut it out because some people are trying to sleep because it’s 11 p.m.
Luckily for me, now the people who live above me only scream and be obnoxious during the day. Hopefully it stays that way.
But honestly, is it really that difficult for people to not be extremely loud and inconsiderate of the people who live around them. Newsflash to people who don’t understand this concept: You are not the only person who lives in this building.
It’s not like you don’t have to get up and go to class the next day anyway, and if you actually don’t then you should just go to sleep because that is a precious thing here in the land we call college.
The worst part about it is that sometimes there really isn’t anything you can do about it. Last year, my roommates and I tried talking to our RD about it and nothing happened. We asked the people making all the noise to please keep it down and they had some colorful nicknames to call us.
You just can’t win.
Fighting fire with fire is probably the worst thing anyone could do because then you end up being the obnoxious person keeping the people on the floor below you awake, and chances are you’d be the one who would end up getting in trouble. Because that’s just how fair life is.
The point of all of this is to share with those of you who may read this a little piece of advice.
If you are someone who makes a loud ruckus when people should be sleeping, or if you think in any way, shape or form that you could be keeping someone awake by being louder than you should be, please stop. You’ll make a lot less people angry in the long run.
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