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Editor invites students to relax, take optimistic approach

I must say, coming back to school is bittersweet. Not because I’m sad about leaving my family – not that I don’t miss them at times – but mainly because of the stress induced students.

I’m not going to say I sit here everyday and don’t stress out because I do – I’m only human. Some people just take it to the extreme and act like their world is in shambles.

It wasn’t even the first day of class and I could already sense the stress my friends are feeling. I guess I’m just never the one to get worked up over anything, especially if I can control it.

If you couldn’t tell already, I’m a mellow person. The kind that goes with the flow; I take what’s given to me. This could all explain a lot as to why I don’t let stress get to me, but when it does I’m a ticking time bomb.

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In college, your first day is not always “syllabus day” – but when it is, we all openly admit it’s awesome – and I totally get that school picks up fast. We generally don’t get a chance to prepare ourselves for working rather than vegetating on our parents’ couch the past three months.

Stress is not good. It simply gives you gray hairs and an uneasy stomach. Obviously, giving advice is easier than taking it, but it’s worth a try.

I’m no professional – my major is English – so with that being said, chill out. Take this experience of college and hold it tight because I don’t know about you, but the day we don’t have to report to a class – even if we dreaded it — just seems terrifying.

As I am reaching the end of my column, it is absolutely nothing I expected it to be. I’m no longer pointing fingers at the health science majors anymore, but everyone who is guilty of being over-stressed.

I hope my attitude doesn’t change through the year as I bury myself in articles, reading whatever my English classes give me, writing papers and maintaining somewhat of a social life. By the way, what’s a social life?

I’m a junior now and yes, I have two full years left, but the weeks go by faster and faster and soon enough I won’t have anyone telling me what to do, what time to be there and where I have to be.

When that day comes, I’ll just sit in my room and watch reruns of “Roseanne” and eat a pint of ice cream – preferably chocolate chip cookie dough.

Until then, folk, stop freaking out. Take it day by day and hopefully you’ll finish reading this column and say to yourself, “Self, don’t let stress get the best of you.”



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