Knight Vision

The Palumbo Academic Center is already buzzing with excitement, the line at Doc’s Landing is unbearably long again and the Schuster Theatre is already working on its upcoming production.

These are just a few things going on around campus with essentially one message: welcome back!

Regardless if you’re happy to be back, or if you were dreading the day and are already waiting for Christmas Break, school is back in session – and so should you be.

If you’re a freshman, then this is the time of the year to venture out there and join several clubs and organizations. By the end of your freshman year, you would probably only be enrolled in a handful of them – but these are the ones you know you’ll stick with your four years. It’s a great time to be new on campus.

One of these clubs and organizations you should keep in mind is, of course, yours truly – the one and only Gannon Knight. Students love to share, and what better way to do it than in print?

Don’t limit yourself though; plenty of other groups exist on campus. Find your thing, and be an active part of it. The campus is buzzing with activities year round, and you have absolutely no excuse not to make an appearance.

If you’re a returning student, then you know what kind of events we are talking about. If you’re running them, keep them coming.

One piece of advice the staff of The Gannon Knight agrees on applies to all students; don’t spread yourself too thin.

You might be the jack of all trades – and of course the master of all, but keep in mind the main purpose you’re here on campus is to get a degree and get ready to join the labor force. So open a book every now and then, and keep it open for more than five minutes.