Take time with friends seriously in last weeks

The end of the semester is approaching and Gannon University students are counting down the days until they get to go home.

While it will be quite exciting for a lot of students not to have classes to worry about until the end of August, this upcoming break also means saying goodbye to some people for about four months.

This may not seem to be as big of a deal right now, but I think about things this way. We’ve all spent the last four months around each other; now we’ll go that long without seeing each other again.

Unless every single friend you’ve made here lives in the same area as you over the summer, chances are you probably aren’t going to see everyone nearly as often as you did this semester.

Sometimes, it’s nice to have a break where you just get to be by yourself for a while. However, if you’re anything like me, after about a week of staying in your room and watching Netflix, you want to get out.

Let’s not ignore the fact that some people have friends who are graduating this semester and won’t be coming back to Erie when everyone else does in August. Wondering when you might see these people again can be difficult.

Now, some people may say that with all the technological advances we have in our society – texting, social media and email – it’s incredibly easy for us to all stay in contact with each other.

While this may be true, many of the people here will probably be working or busy over the summer.

Texting everyone you talk to during the school year often is probably not in the cards this summer. Even if it were, it’s not the same as going over to visit them at their apartment or meeting up for food at Doc’s and talking in person.

So what’s something that will help people through the next few months of home life? Make the best of the time you have with people now.

I completely understand that finals are coming up soon and people have homework and projects and everything else that needs to be worked on and turned in as soon as possible. However, I guarantee if you don’t take a break every once in a while, you might feel like you’re going insane.

That’s not to say grades aren’t important; they are, but the relationships with the people you have here are also important.

Plus, if you get really stressed out about an upcoming exam, you can freak out about it with one of your friends who may also be freaking about their exams – maybe even the same one.

Some of the best friendships are made when two people don’t like the same things.

So over the course of the rest of the semester, even though things in class may be getting tough, don’t forget about the people who have helped to keep you sane over the past few months or more.

We still have about 2 1/2 weeks left in each other’s company, so I encourage you to make the best of it.

You won’t regret the hour you took off from studying for an intense final to talk to one of your friends and hopefully stop freaking out so much.



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